The St Alphege Glass Screen.


Our major commission was the Alphege Millennium Screen installed in 2013. This beautiful etched glass piece was created

 to tell the story of Alphege’s martyrdom in 1012 at the hands of Vikings.  Local artist Sonia McNally worked with the community to design and create the work which provides a mystical ‘veil’ between the café and worship space.  As the light changes, so does the image, creating a fascinating and dynamic piece of work.  A book is available for sale £5.95.

Sonia Mcnally - About the artist


Sonia is a visual artist working from observation, imagination and using

a variety of media, including glass and metal. All her work is grounded in drawing and observation.


Working in wild and ancient landscapes in both day and night and in all weathers, acts as a portal to other worlds where narratives evolve from ideas about folklore, mysticism and myth. The paintings, drawings and prints are often made in series and not individually resolved. As a body

of work they are a reservoir of ideas of recurring subjects and motifs for further exploration in a variety of media.  Works are available for sale


Visit Sonia's website at

The Millennium screen.


The Millenium Screen book is now available to enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the millennium screen and provide you with a memento of the beautiful images. The book explains each of the panels in context and describes the process of production in detail.


Rev Rachel Webbley has included some biblical texts for meditation to accompany each of the panels.  The book is available for the bargain price of £5.95. All profits will go to the church.  You can pick up a copy from the church, or by contacting Brenda Lovery on (01227) 276085. You can also email - .