Welcome to St Alphege Church


Whether you are old or young, living here or passing through, you will always find a warm welcome in our inclusive and family friendly church.  We invite you to please come and  worship God with us or use our church as a place for thought & reflection.


We are an Anglican church, one of five in the Whitstable Team Ministry. Our church family is

made up of all ages and we are always happy to see new faces. We come together to enjoy worship and fellowship and want to share God's love with all.  St Alphege church is the focal

point of the High Street,  you can step inside on any weekday morning for a quiet time of

prayer and peace, or just for a coffee and a chat.


Within our website you can find out all the information you need about our regular services, our

community based clubs and organisations, as well as pages on Marriages, Funerals & Baptisms.

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